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Best Drones 2018


    Drones (UAV) have so many functions we cannot even begin to say they are just one thing. If you are into photography they are your best friend, being able to capture impossible angles and fantastic perspectives. Another possibility is the idea of UAV’s being useful for emergency situations. They have to ability to track lost people and send emergency supplies to those in need.

    We have all heard of the idea of Amazon one day delivering packages with drones, and although this may be a bit far off today, it will become very common in the near future to order a product and have a drone drop it off at your door. My favorite example of this would be to eliminate drivers for fast food.

    Another great use of drones is in the virtual reality world. I’m sure you have heard of another emerging technology called the Oculus Rift. VR is going to become more and more popular the sooner the software can run fast wireless and the sooner the price comes down. Drones mixed with virtual reality headsets allow you to feel like you are flying! Imagine being 20,000 feet above your actual location while your body is still on the ground. This may be the closest thing to a outer body experience some will ever have.

    UAV’s are also just plain fun. If you want to just explore your town and send a drone out to take a look at where you live in a totally new angle, a drone is for you. Just make sure to check the laws first!

    Skiers, skaters, or any action sports enthusiast also love using drones to be able to film themselves doing tricks or stunts from angles no human could get to.

Watch this video to see 5 Amazing Drone Use Ideas.

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